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Genuine Celebrations

by Reverend Holly LeMaster 
Interspiritual Minister and Life Event Celebrant

Let's celebrate the times of your life.

About Ceremony, Celebration & Ritual

Welcome to Genuine Celebrations! 

Our ancestors understood and honored the place of Ceremony, Celebration, and Ritual. In our modern lives, however, with the noise and stress of day-to-day busyness, punctuated by the "conveniences" of technology and perceived demands to increasingly do more, achieve more, get more, the years seem to fly by. Then we look back and wonder where the time has gone; marvel at how quickly the years have passed. Change seems to be the only constant; some of it joyful and satisfying while some can leave us feeling defeated and diminished. 

When we pause to genuinely pay attention, with reverence and awe, to the ordinary, everyday happenings as well as the big, auspicious occasions, our lives are imbued with meaning and depth. We are moved by the goodness of the people around us, the brilliance of our human creations, the miracle of Planet Earth and the cosmos that surround us, support us, nurture us. 

Ceremony, Celebration, and Ritual can temporarily usurp the intellectual mind and bring us closer to what it means to be human; to remind us about what's important to us, about what's real and true for us, about who we love and what we care about. 

Let's celebrate the times of your life!

About Interspirituality and Celebrants

A "celebrant" is, in the simplest sense of the word, someone who celebrates! In this context, as a Life Event Celebrant, who is professionally trained in the art of creating and officiating meaningful, personalized, unique ceremonies to honor the most important events peoples' lives.


I am an ordained interfaith/interspiritual minister, a graduate of the OneSpirit Interfaith Seminary. As such, my path of ministry is to be of service to people of all backgrounds, faith traditions, orientations, constellations, and walks of life. Interspirituality honors the unity and oneness shared by spiritual traditions around the globe while simultaneously celebrating the grand diversity of beliefs, practices, and cultures embraced by humanity. 

As your Minister and Celebrant, I will meet with you and listen intently to your stories, your desires, and your concerns. Whether we are talking about a wedding, an organizational event, an end of life memorial, or some other kind of auspicious happening, I will meld your personal narrative with just the right readings, music, and ritual actions to enrich the occasion. Your ceremony will be genuinely one-of-a-kind, made especially for you, your loved ones, and your circumstances. Attendees will be engaged and included. It will truly represent who you are. It will sound and feel like you—not like a cut-and-pasted template. 


Celebrants, who offer an alternative to traditional ministers and officiants, are adept at poetically adapting and blending traditions and rituals in a sensitive, artistic manner. I can infuse your special occasion with inspired expression, something entirely fresh and original, unbound by convention and uniquely your own.

As your Colorado officiant, I embrace and respect the beliefs, philosophies, cultures, and lifestyles of all loving and life-affirming human beings and relationship constellations. 

Always Affirming!

Interspiritual ~ Traditional ~ Alternative ~ Creative ~ Collaborative

Holly LeMaster, Colorado Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant, minister, officiant, wedding officiant

Reverend Holly LeMaster

Hello and thank you for being here! I have always known myself as a spiritual seeker and a woman who embraces life with curiosity, joy, and reverence. I revel in the poetry of a lyrical turn of phrase, delight in beauty—both natural and (wo)man made—and fall to my knees before the Divine. Like many people, I hold somewhat malleable, ever-morphing constructs around spirituality, religion, Divinity, and God. Yet there has always been a constant undercurrent of what truth and faith genuinely mean for me. 

Every aspect of serving as an Interspiritual Minister and Life Event Celebrant deeply resonates for me: getting to genuinely know people, writing their unique stories, curating meaningful readings and ritual elements, designing the pageantry, holding space for the unfoldment of the ceremony and, finally, "performing" the rite with the participants and their special guests. 

And I bring my skills and experience as an executive & life coach into the realm of spiritual companioning - a process and relationship through which I can hold space for the richness of who you are, meeting you exactly where you are, in the joys and challenges presented by life.

As your Minister, Celebrant, Officiant, or Spiritual Companion, I will be deeply honored to co-create with you a ceremony or a process and hold a space that dignifies and celebrates and honors the times of your life. 



Holly helped to make our ceremony absolutely reflective of us. She is a magnificent celebrant, and through her presence, thoroughly grounded and blessed our event. It was wonderful to have someone who listened so well, did everything we thought of, and then everything we hadn't thought of. She ensured that everyone felt welcome, comfortable, and an important part of our day. Holly allowed us to focus on what was really important and we wouldn't have wanted to do it without her!

~ Jeanette & Brenda

Wedding ceremony, handfasting, same-sex wedding


Jeanette & Brenda's Wedding

New business blessing ceremony, iBODY Inspired Movement

New Business Blessing

iBODY Inspired Movement

I am so grateful to Holly LeMaster for starting this spectacular business of creating ceremony and celebration! If you have any kind of event, she manifests beautiful ceremony! Every one is completely unique, created especially for the specific needs of the person. Remember her when you want a beautiful memory of any event!

~ Dana Hood, iBODY Inspired Movement

Connect & Inquire

I would be delighted to hear from you! Please fill in the box below and let me know how I might be able to serve you. I will get back in touch with you soon!

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