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End of Life

The passing of our loved ones is, perhaps, the most difficult life event any of us will ever experience. And just as we're submerged in our emotions, we are simultaneously confronted with the logistics of a funeral, memorial service, or end of life celebration. This may be especially complex for those who do not belong to a particular faith community, or for multicultural, multifaith families.

As an Interfaith Minister and End of Life Celebrant, I will be present for you, your family, and community and will create a personal ceremony to genuinely honor the life of the one who has passed. I will spend time interviewing family and friends to understand the person, what they held dear, and the unique aspects of their Being. I will meld spiritual and/or secular beliefs of the participants along with appropriate readings, music, and actions into a meaningful rite of passage--both for the person who passed as well as those who remain.

Increasingly, people are proactively taking their memorial services and funeral planning into their own hands. They want to know that the service they receive when they no longer have any say in the matter will suit their wishes. I am delighed to work with individuals who have the vision and foresight to create for themselves in advance!

And many find that, when a loved one is put on hospice care, they wish to come together in a meaningful way while their beloved is still present and can actively participate in the process. I will happily create a hospice celebration that suits the spiritual and emotional needs of your family.

Please contact me for more information or to inquire about availablility.


Let's celebrate the life of your loved one.

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