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Spiritual Companioning

We human beings have a deep desire and need to be seen and heard for who we truly are. We long for a safe space to give voice to our hopes and fears, our joys and sorrows. Sometimes we can greatly benefit from a witness who will simply sit, hold space, and listen without judgment as we think and feel out loud. Or perhaps someone who can bring a fresh perspective or wisdom to a situation that feels impossible to overcome. 

As an executive/life coach, I help my clients focus on the future. Coaching is action-oriented and we move toward goals and growth. Spiritual companioning shares many aspects with coaching; however, it is focused on the present moment. On being fully with what is, no matter how overwhelming, confusing, painful or joyous, meaningful, satisfying it may be. 

If you're curious about how spiritual companioning may bring value and comfort in your life, please reach out to inqure.


Let's honor and explore your life experiences.

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