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Weddings and Unions

I believe the ceremony should be the most significant component, the sacred centerpiece, of your wedding or union celebration, written with intention exclusively for you. 

Let me ask you a question. How much nuptual energy are you spending to get the perfect venue, the dresses and tuxedos, the flowers, the food, the invitations, the band? But wait. What about the ceremony?

While couples sometimes think about writing their own vows, the remainder is too often comprised of traditional rote readings that have been murmured thousands upon thousands of times. Words matter. The right words convey depth and confer grace. Do you want your wedding ceremony to tell your very own love story and genuinely represent who you are, as individuals and as a couple? Do you want to honor both of your family tribes somehow without offending anyone's great aunt? Is there something really unusual that you desire to include as part of your joining?


Let's use lyrical language and storytelling to reveal, illuminate, and document the uniqueness of your relationship. Let's choose music, readings, and ritual actions that speak to your hearts. Let's include and connect with the family and friends who will bear witness to your union. Let's create something enduring to age alongside your photographs, to share with your children and grandchildren, to evoke memories and emotions into your golden years.

You'll have final, word-for-word review of the script. I'll create professional cue sheets to assist your wedding planner, musicians, and photographer. I will hold space for a smooth and grace-filled event. I'll participate in a rehearsal to be sure everything is just so and ease nerves. Then I'll deliver your unique ceremony with all of the joy and the reverence called for on the day of your auspicious occasion.


Let me be your Colorado wedding officiant. Please contact me today to ask questions or to schedule a no-cost, no obligation meeting.  


Let's celebrate your love and commitment.

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