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Lifecycle Transitions

A paradox inherent in our human lives: change is consistent. There is always something new, something fresh, something exhilarating, something terrifying on the horizon. Different challenges, triumphs, and experiences. And all too often, we get caught up in the busyness and the to-do lists. We attend only to the things that seem urgent at the expense of the things that are actually important. 

How might we be different if we took the time to pause, to embrace and honor the impact of the significant events that change our lives?


  • Home: moving, home buying, selling and renovation

  • Career: new jobs, promotions, job loss, retirement

  • Health: illnesses, accidents, recoveries and rehabilitations

  • Aging: golden years, retirement communities

  • Relationship: anniversaries, renewal of marriage vows, divorce, uncoupling


Please reach out to explore how we can add depth and meaning to your life through celebration and ritual.


Let's celebrate the transitions that mark our evolution.

Welcome Home
Enjoying Retirement
Honoring Our Elders
Evolution Through illness
Career Transition
Beautiful Crone
Inspired Entrepreneur
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