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Pets and Animal Companions

Whether you rescued a ragatag mutt from the pound, plucked a kitten from the "Free Kitties" box by the roadside, selected a breeder and waited months for your new pup to be born, or toted an iguana home from PetSmart in a cardboard box, you understand how animals intercede in our daily routines, breaking our hearts open and becoming vital and precious members of our families.


When they come into our lives, and also when they leave us, they give us cause to pause (paws?) in reverence and gratitude.


Holding an animal ceremony can further deepen and strengthen your connection to your animal companions. I will be honored to create a special ceremony for you and your beloved beast.

  • New pet adoption

  • Birth of a young animal or litter

  • Integrating a "found" animal into the family

  • Completion of training

  • A prizewinning animal

  • Honoring an aging or ill pet

  • Death of a family pet

Please get in touch to explore how I can honor your animals. 

Let's celebrate the creatures who enrich our lives.

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