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Wedding Fee Schedule

If "how much will it cost?" is the first and most important question, I'm probably not your officiant. I do not intend to be the most affordable; rather, I strive to provide an exquisite, high-end, personalized service to people who value a deeply meaningful wedding ceremony--those who want their once-in-a-lifetime nuptials to be a unique and sacred ritual--even if the ceremony is completely secular!

Once I meet with you to clarify your vision for the ceremony, I'll be able to provide a definite, inclusive fee for my services. Here's the basic a-la-carte menu, subject to revision based on circumstances:

Base fee of $750 includes:

  • Create ceremony: conversations with couple, first draft of custom ceremony script, choreography (processional/recessional, places, ritual actions), and cue sheets, unlimited script revisions, digital copy of final keepsake version of script.

  • Officiate ceremony: arrive 30 minutes prior to ceremony, conduct prayer/meditation with wedding party if desired, participate in sound check, provide ceremony cue sheets (to planner/coordinator, musicians, photographers), perform ceremony.

  • File paperwork: file wedding certificate following the ceremony with appropriate regulatory officials.

  • Travel up to one hour each way to and from the ceremony.

Rehearsal facilitation (strongly recommended): $100

Travel greater than one hour each way: $25 per hour

Lodging: For mountain or other destination weddings, one night's lodging is requested

Additional services, including wedding day spiritual support, can be negotiated

Generosity is an essential aspect of our humanity. I provide some ceremonies on a sliding scale, or even gratis, when circumstances require. 

Let's value the reverence of your ceremony.

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